D3 - Ministry Training for Future Pastor/Elders

At the heart of all we do at Applewood is making disciples and multiplying disciple-makers.  The Great Commission includes equipping and empowering a plurality of qualified Pastor/Elders, as well as other leaders to “… shepherd the flock of God among you …” (1 Peter 5:2) and to “...teach others…” (2 Timothy 2:2). 
Another major aspect of the Great Commission is to ‘reproduce’ disciples and churches through sending out pastors, leaders, and teams to start new churches (Luke 10:2; Acts 13:2-3). Since the birth of the early church, this has been the most effective way to reach the lost with the gospel and make new disciples. (Insert article link, data, etc.?) Our goal is to develop and deploy shepherd-hearted, mission-minded, Christ-like leaders into the world for the health of the church and work of the harvest.  

While there are many benefits to formal seminary, not everyone has the time or financial ability to take this route.  Therefore, PLI is a church-based leadership training program that equips leaders within the local church, for the local church, with minimal cost.

PLI is an intensive, interactive 2-year program that equips each participant with practical shepherding and leadership skills, as well as sound biblical doctrine.  In addition, our aim is to grow in Christ-like character as we wrestle through life, ministry, and theology, always striving to faithfully live out Jesus' proclamation to “Go therefore and make disciples …” (Matthew 28:19).